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about goodpr.

As a consultant, I bring more than 20+ years of experience leading PR and marketing campaigns on behalf of major consumer brands, nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

My philosophy is that good PR and marketing are based on building long-term relationships within communities. And at its core, good PR is personal.

My mission is to leverage my PR and marketing experience to do good for my community by sharing our stories and connecting each other through shared experiences.

Who is Calvin Fleming?

good PR & marketing create

experiences that build community.

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Project Management | Event Planning
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goodpr. is personal,
so this is who I am…

After graduating from USC, my PR career began at an agency working on Internet start-up companies. While training for a marathon to help raise money for AIDS Project Los Angeles, I decided I wanted to do more for my community.

This experience led to a career shift. I took a leap of faith into the nonprofit world, where I traveled the country as a PR manager for the multi-city AIDS Rides and 3-Day Breast Cancer Walks. It was life changing to meet extraordinary people helping HIV/AIDS and breast cancer nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S.

Then, my work turned even more personal as a media manager at GLAAD, an LGBTQ+ media advocacy organization. I found myself in the middle of a media storm as marriage equality began making headlines. I was on the ground in Portland, Oregon as Multnomah County began issuing marriage licenses to same gender couples. My work in the community led to being recruited to work for a political campaign in Oregon to stop a ban on same-sex marriage.

Eventually, I landed back in Los Angeles at Manning Selvage & Lee, a global PR agency. There, I leveraged my community outreach experience to work on government public education programs, cause marketing initiatives and consumer product campaigns.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, I left to start my own consultancy in 2006. I continue to work alongside advertising and marketing agencies on major consumer brands, public education campaigns as well as with nonprofit organizations.

Read more about my 20+ years of experience on LinkedIn here.

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